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Your HVAC company can connect with customers through traditional forms of marketing, like a few satisfied clients telling their friends and family about the services. However, most people will now do a quick search online for any goods or services they need. An HVAC company could be offering the best services, highly-qualified contractors, or the latest tools, but they mean nothing if the potential customers in your service areas cannot find you.

Does your company have a strong digital presence? If your company’s name is struggling to reach the top of the search results, it might be time to explore new digital marketing techniques. We would recommend starting with Google Ads for heating and cooling companies.

The Different Types of The Different Types of

The platform was originally called Google AdWords. Today, Google Ads has become one of the most popular methods for effective HVAC PPC advertising. The details differ, but all pay-per-click advertising increases engagement with your business platform without unnecessary spending. 

Google Search Ads

Most business owners will picture Search Ads when hearing the term “HVAC Google Ads.” Search Ads closely resembles SEO-garnered organic search results, which you might find for keywords like “HVAC repair company near me.” They work by directly connecting you with customers who need immediate HVAC services or products.

Search Ads uses the PPC model, so you pay every time a person clicks on one of your ads. These flexible advertisements allow business owners and marketers to create different campaigns. They can also tailor ad clusters, targeting various demographics or sections of your target audience. 

A trickier side to Search Ads is that each campaign you launch requires some keyword research to enhance your ad copy. For example, one campaign may target homeowners that require equipment maintenance while another targets a keyword like “Commercial HVAC repairs” for small business owners needing HVAC services. An effective campaign also utilizes negative keywords (the ones you don’t want your Google Ads to target). 

These advertisements usually lead to your website’s landing page featuring a call-to-action that prompts a potential customer to initiate contact via a call, email, or online form. Using the correct keywords will provide a far better return on investment, which is why working with an experienced team like HVAC-Marketers makes things easier.

Google Local Service Ads

A slightly different approach would be Google Local Service Ads. These advertisements sit at the top of a Google search page and display vital information such as: 

  • Company name
  • Featured reviews of your products or services
  • Service areas
  • Opening hours and more

They target users needing HVAC services in your particular geographical area and generally offer higher conversion rates. However, unlike the HVAC PPC model, these HVAC Google Ads require you to pay per lead. That way, you only pay when a potential customer contacts you to inquire about or schedule your services.

With Google Local Service Ads, potential customers don’t have to go to your website for details about your HVAC business—they can connect with you instantly if you have the correct software. These ads also mean you don’t need to curate PPC campaigns or research extensive keywords. 

Other benefits of Google Local Service Ads include the following:

  • You receive a Google Guaranteed identifier, signifying worthiness or credibility.
  • You can access Google Guaranteed Ads to stand apart from traditional PPC ads. 
  • You can see a record of every call to assess converted leads and strategize.

Google Display Ads

The banner ads that appear around websites are display ads. Many companies use these ads to increase brand awareness or for remarketing purposes. For example, you can serve ads to people who have already interacted with your website but on another social media platform. 

If you searched for something online and saw an ad for a similar product or service the next day, you were most likely seeing a display ad. Google Display Ads operates under a PPC model. 

Other Types of Google Ads

The HVAC companies we assist will generally prioritize search, display, and local search Google Ads. However, there are three other possibilities to consider. 

  • Video campaigns. A video campaign appears before, during, or after a video plays. In bulk traffic, YouTube is only second to Google. So, it is still an excellent platform for attracting new customers.
  • Shopping ads. While it is best to emphasize repair and installation services, you could also expand your revenue stream by advertising any HVAC-related products you sell.
  • Retargeting ads. Has a potential buyer not purchased anything yet? Retargeting ads can prompt a sale by reminding them about what you have to offer. You can also focus on existing customers who used your services in the past.

What Are the Main Challenges of HVAC Google Ads?

Whether you are dealing with Google Ads or advertising as a whole, the same problems spring up. Managing incoming leads becomes time-consuming, and businesses easily overlook opportunities without the right management system. 

For example, you might set up Google Local Service Ads with a call prompt for an appointment. The potential customers may only have the call option to communicate with your business, so you must do the following: 

  • Create a new record for every call. 
  • Input the customer’s contact information, address, and other information. It may also require a staff member to clarify this information at a later date.
  • Cross-reference different calendars to accurately determine the best appointment date that works for the customer and your HVAC contractors. 

What if that customer does not schedule service on the first call? Without follow-up strategies, you can quickly lose the customer. Don’t worry; HVAC-Marketers can help you adopt the right strategies to grow your business while managing these leads and conversions.

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