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In today’s digital age, HVAC companies focus mostly on growing their business by bringing in new customers through the doors. Doing so can involve expensive marketing campaigns that target new demographics. 

While attracting new clients is essential for any company, you shouldn’t ignore your previous customers. After installing a new air conditioning system or fixing a furnace, you shouldn’t let the relationship end there. How can you make sure your customer calls you the next time they need HVAC work?

If you have a list of past clients that you’re not contacting, you’ve got an untapped gold mine of potential clients! 

At HVAC-Marketers, we can use strategies like email marketing and re-engagement campaigns to keep your business top of mind for your customers.

Using HVAC Text Message Marketing to Re-Target Past Customers

Depending on your service area, dozens or more HVAC companies may exist. Chances are you provide similar services, potentially at the same quality and price point. Standing apart from the competition requires enhancing your brand and reaching out to your past customers proactively.

When people think of branding, they might picture colorful mascots and catchy slogans. For HVAC companies, showcasing your expertise and knowledge should always come first. 

Email and text message lists provide ample opportunities to highlight your company’s industry knowledge. For example, we can write and send a weekly email that links to a new blog on your website. 

Customers are more likely to use a service that they know and trust, but you need to stay in touch so that your business is the first one they think of when they need air conditioner repair.

Text messages and emails act as reminders for these past customers, alongside a chance to show off your brand and industry knowledge. 

How We Reconnect with Your Prior Customers with Email and Text Message Campaigns

We use several strategies to re-engage your past customers:

Regularly post on social media

Your business should use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to stay relevant and connect with customers old and new. We can also use these platforms to funnel traffic to your main site.

Send out physical mail

Since your customers constantly use mobile devices, physical mail like flyers, birthday cards, postcards, and newsletters can help your business stand apart. Use snail mail for advertising deals or promotional offers.

Call your past customers

Many companies have systems in place for calling customers to see how their service went and to schedule future appointments. You can use these calls to reconnect with prior customers, gather feedback, and schedule new services.

Create a customer loyalty program

A customer loyalty program allows you to reconnect with past clients and prompt them to use your services. Many HVAC companies have a preventative maintenance program that offers discounts.

Benefits of HVAC Email Marketing and Text Message Marketing

HVAC marketing through email or SMS text messages may seem outdated, but it comes with many benefits:

  • Reach customers immediately. Emails and text messages reach your past clients quickly. Many past customers read text messages a few minutes after receiving them. While emails have a lower success rate, they also have a huge open rate. 
  • Convenient and cost-effective. Emails and text messages are convenient ways for past clients to remember your goods and services. Compared to other marketing campaigns, emails and text messages are affordable. 
  • Target specific clients. For your HVAC customer list reactivation, our team can still target specific demographics based on the services they needed in the past and their interests, age, and location.
  • Add a personal touch. While your company should always demonstrate professionalism, emails and text messages allow you to be less formal. For example, we can send out a fun email during the holidays. 
  • Build long-lasting relationships. With customers subscribing to emails and text messages, you can remind them of any promotions or services you have. Doing so can create a long-lasting relationship. 
  • Automate your messages. Instead of sitting down and emailing a hundred past clients at once, you can automate this process, making it much faster than individually calling past customers. 
  • Ask for online reviews. A past customer may not need your HVAC services at the moment. However, you can still use emails and text messages to ask them to leave a positive online review. 
  • Feel less intrusive. Today, people are often more comfortable receiving an email or text message versus a call because they feel less pressured to respond. 

Why Choose HVAC-Marketers?

At HVAC-Marketers, we specialize in marketing for HVAC companies. Growing your business requires a custom strategy tailored to your company’s needs, target audience, and service.

Many HVAC companies don’t use HVAC customer list reactivation despite it being a very profitable marketing tool. Working with our team means you can benefit from the following advantages: 

Real-Time Monitoring

In addition to helping you craft some emails and text messages, our team can monitor a current campaign's success. Different factors, like the demographics you're targeting and an email's tone, can have a huge impact. We always adjust our strategy based on gathered data.

The Correct Tone and Keywords

Our HVAC-Marketers team utilizes the correct language for every text messaging or email marketing campaign. We're well-versed in SEO and the best keywords for HVAC businesses and bring this same expertise to help you connect with past customers.

Comprehensive Reactivation and Lead Generation Services

Alongside helping you connect with previous customers, we can help you attract new clients. Our Local Internet Marketing Domination Plan can increase your company's profits by specifically targeting your current and future needs.

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