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Google has been one of the top search engines worldwide since it began in 1998. Even now, most Americans will check Google search results for just about anything. If you don’t have any ads on the engine to attract customers, you’re missing out on a great advertising avenue.

When you need local service ads for your HVAC company, call HVAC-Marketers for detailed and reliable marketing strategies. We can help your company stand out in search results and attract more customers. Read below to learn how and why Google can become one of your greatest advertising assets.

What Are Local Services Ads?

Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) are paid ads that appear in Google search results. When users in your area search for “HVAC company near me,” your business information can appear in a box at the top of the search results page. You’ll only pay for these ads when a customer contacts you directly from the advertisement 

Home services, like HVAC companies, can also receive a “Google Guaranteed” badge below their LSAs. This badge instills trust in potential customers and can help you achieve more conversions faster. 

How Can You Benefit From HVAC Local Services Ads?

HVAC companies thrive off client attention and a constant influx of potential customers. However, you can’t attract all the attention you need organically. Your employees can help your business show its expertise, but there has to be a desire for your services.

Cold calls, word-of-mouth, and fliers can be beneficial marketing resources to help get your name out in the open. Still, these methods can take a while to help you reap the rewards. You can also end up pushing away some customers with more pursuant tactics, leading to wasted money and energy.

In contrast, local service ads can boost brand awareness without the same hassle as more traditional methods. Potential leads can ignore or express interest in your services, leading to more positive interactions. These ads also only appear when people in your area search for HVAC companies, targeting the right customer base. 

How Does Google Help With an HVAC LSA?

Current statistics estimate that people complete over 3.5 billion Google searches every day. Curious Americans visited the search engine over 89.3 billion times every month in 2022. This number includes millions of searches about local HVAC services.

Google is a highly valuable advertising tool that your HVAC company can use to your advantage. You can customize your advertising strategy to build hype about your services through Google AdSense and other specialized tools. Specifically, here is how you can expect Google Local Services Ads to work.

When a person in your service area searches for HVAC resources, LSAs appear at the top of the search results. These ads feature local HVAC businesses that have paid for this type of advertising. Upon clicking your LSA, customers will go to a page with business information, including the address, phone number, and more.

Most people who click on LSAs already want and are searching for service providers. As such, these ads increase the chances they will find your company and express interest in your services. Increased visibility from such a popular search engine also means you cast a wide net at lower costs than other advertising methods.

Google LSA prices depend on the industry, keyword competition in your area, and the payment method. An efficient ad service manager can help companies find the right keywords to attract the most attention at a lower price. They can also consult you about the benefits of paying per click or per lead.


Pay-per-click advertising means your company pays each time someone clicks on your ad. Costs typically range around $1 to $3 for search ads and $0.10 to $0.70 for display ads. 

For example, if a person clicks on a $1 search ad for your company, the engine charges your Google Ad account $1. While this method can seem expensive as it adds up, that $1 search ad can turn into a $400 boiler repair. Because the person was already looking for services, they’re more likely to call and ask for your help.


You can also choose pay-per-lead pricing. In this case, a person has to visit the website and opt-in to some form of contact. The opt-in can be about discounts, mailing lists, or something else that attracts their attention.

Pay-per-lead costs tend to be more expensive, sometimes around $17 to $50 a person depending on the industry. However, no matter how long they spend perusing the website, you only pay after they opt-in for contact.

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How LSA Management Services Can Help You?

As beneficial as Google LSAs are, they require time, money, and energy just like other marketing tactics. You may find yourself too occupied to use HVAC local services ads efficiently. In this case, you can rely on a service provider to help with local service ads for HVAC.

As digital marketing service providers, we utilize our experience to choose the right options for your business. We adapt our methods to each business owner’s individual needs to ensure that we help you meet revenue quotas and expectations. Some of the paid services we provide include advertising account management duties, such as:

You can focus on providing quality services while we ensure that your company’s name reaches the right people. 

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