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As an HVAC business owner, your business reputation is nearly as important as your financial assets. While many HVAC companies still receive business due to word of mouth, online reputation often plays a more prominent role in driving calls to your business.

With a quick Google search, potential customers can find dozens of HVAC companies near them, so how do you get them to call YOU? It comes down to your online presence and reviews. At HVAC-Marketers, our digital marketing team can manage your reputation and grow your business. 

Stay on Top of Your Reviews and Online Presence with Our Reputation Management Services

Online HVAC reputation management involves transforming your business’s perception via your online content. Before digital media, it was much easier for a business to hide a negative reputation—but not anymore.

Today, the internet lets users quickly see which businesses provide good customer service and which have one-star reviews.

At HVAC-Marketers, it’s our goal to help you expand your digital footprint and build a better online reputation that will market your business just as much as your paid ads do.

Whether you’re a new business struggling to get your name out there or a veteran company unfamiliar with search engine optimization and social media, we can help. We can improve your online reputation through methods such as: 

We can help you get more HVAC reviews and improve your online presence, so schedule your strategy session today and learn what we can do for your business.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

When you partner with our HVAC-Marketers team for online reputation management, you instantly get several advantages that put you ahead of the competition:

Show Up Higher In Google's Search Rankings

More positive online reviews mean your company is more likely to show up first on search engines like Google and Bing. When a user types in a keyword like "HVAC repairs near me," Google's algorithm shows the most relevant websites or pages first, and that should be your business's site. You can pay for ads to help you appear first, but most users bypass paid advertisements and click on the first organic search results. Obtaining more four-star and five-star reviews improves your reputation and SEO visibility.

Create Better Customer Trust and Credibility

Whether your customers want to buy a new AC or their furnace is acting up, they turn to the internet to read reviews before making an educated choice. At HVAC-Marketers, we understand that your company isn't just trying to appeal to Google's algorithm: You want to directly reach potential customers who need your HVAC services. More positive online reviews mean potential customers are more likely to trust your services.

Reinforce Your Brand

Whether you run your HVAC business in a small town or a bustling city, you're directly competing with other HVAC companies. Shaping your brand and professional image can separate you from the competition. Your online reputation is one way to reinforce your brand and get more people through the door. You can also use positive reviews or testimonials as marketing tools themselves. Sharing positive reviews on your social media platforms increases your brand's exposure. We can even create YouTube videos as positive video testimonials that showcase your work.

Increase Your Sales and Revenue

A better online reputation and positive reviews result in greater sales and revenue. A Harvard Business School study found that businesses with higher rankings on search engines benefitted from a 5 to 9% revenue increase. When a customer uses a service that they trust, they're also more likely to use that service in the future and leave positive HVAC Google reviews.

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How Our Team Helps You Get More HVAC Google Reviews

Our team provides various strategies for helping you achieve more HVAC reviews: 

Before implementing any new strategies, we monitor how people currently perceive your brand. We take stock of your presence on platforms like Yelp, Facebook, Google, or Zomato to see what you're currently working with and what we can improve. 

Your business should always respond accordingly to any online feedback, whether it's a positive or negative review. Our team can create a detailed report highlighting areas you need to improve your reputation and actionable steps to get you there.

As a business owner, you should always find ways to ask for positive reviews from satisfied users. Besides asking directly, tools like social media and email marketing lists are also prime opportunities. 

Dealing with Negative Reviews

A big part of HVAC reputation management involves knowing how to handle negative reviews or constructive criticism. Users are more likely to leave a review if they had a negative experience than a positive one. 

A negative review can range from serious concerns like an installation damaging a homeowner’s floors to minor complaints like a contractor being ten minutes late. Regardless, a negative review for any reason can damage your online reputation. 

Brushing off these negative reviews isn’t a good strategy. Instead, you should face these negative reviews head-on by providing professional and polite responses. 

Our team of reputation management experts can respond to customers’ feedback and address their concerns to win over those dissatisfied customers and show potential clients that you operate your business with integrity.

People understand that not every company and service is perfect, and mistakes can happen. When your company faces negative criticism head-on, you demonstrate confidence and professionalism. 

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With personalized, comprehensive HVAC reputation management services, you can improve your business’s image. Our HVAC-Marketers team is here to help you improve your online presence and expand your client base to drive more calls, appointments, and reviews and help you grow your business.

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