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A stronger social media presence helps your HVAC company connect with new potential customers and keep past clients coming back for more. Most people have a mobile device with them at all times, and they’re usually on at least one social media platform. 

Social media platforms constantly change, and it’s vital to know how to reach new target audiences using these platforms. But what if you don’t have the digital marketing know-how or time to invest in running your own social media?

Look no further! Your HVAC social media gurus are here to help.

At HVAC-Marketers, we specialize in marketing for HVAC companies, and we can handle your social media needs while you focus on running your business. 

Organic and PaidSocial Media Campaigns for HVAC Companies

For HVAC social media marketing campaigns, we use two main avenues: organic and paid campaigns.

Organic Social Media

Organic social media consists of free content that appears on users’ newsfeeds. You don’t pay to boost or sponsor this content, and you can use it to reach your existing followers. This process makes organic social media perfect for connecting with prior customers. 

You can also use hashtags to reach new customers, or your followers’ followers may see your posts. We can increase your organic social media reach and leverage these platforms for your business by: 

  • Create original and engaging content. Our team creates original and engaging content to reflect your company’s brand. Content can range from tweets, posts, high-quality images, and videos. We can also help funnel this content to your main website with a CTA. 
  • Interact with your audience. Social media helps with communication. For example, maybe you’ve developed a new customer loyalty program. Or maybe it’s almost winter, and you want to remind customers to have your team service their furnaces.
  • Gain more positive customer reviews. Gaining more positive reviews on Facebook can help build your company’s credibility. Reviews are also a chance to further connect with your audience or politely address negative complaints. 
  • Interact with other brands. If you offer commercial HVAC services, social media can help you communicate with other brands. Engage with current businesses you’ve helped or use social media to connect with new companies that need your services. 

Paid Social Media

At HVAC-Marketers, we understand that building a good organic social media strategy is only the first step. If you want to generate new leads and attract new customers, then paid social media might be the better strategy. 

Paid social media ads can attract new followers and help you promote any deals or promotions you have. Like Google Ads, you can pay to put in-feed ads for your HVAC business on various social media platforms. We’ll create ads that make the most sense for your business. 

What Are the Main Steps in Our Social Media Strategies?

Every HVAC company is different, so we tailor your HVAC social media campaign to your business. When you work with us, we tackle your social media from multiple angles: 

Your goals might include reaching more followers, breaking into a specific demographic, reinforcing your brand, or increasing phone calls. We work directly with you to determine your needs and what you want to achieve. 

Factors like your customers' age and location can impact how you present yourself on social media. Of course, we always consider your brand and features like slogans. 

Once we understand your brand and audience, our team starts creating engaging content, including photos, posts, videos, new themes and designs, and responses to reviews.

Our team rigorously studies factors like how many potential customers we're reaching, how many clicks, hashtag performance, and overall engagement. Armed with this data, we then adjust our strategies if needed. 

By keeping a thorough track record, we can identify any weaknesses or strengths your social media presence has. Based on these factors, we can better optimize your content. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Both organic and paid HVAC social media marketing has many advantages: 

  • We can improve your current content while helping you reach a wider audience.
  • We can increase your company’s sales, reach, and brand name. 
  • If you’re struggling to rank on Google, social media complements your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. 
  • With social media, you can directly connect with your customers, allowing for better feedback and customer service. 
  • Social media gives you the opportunity to be less formal. For example, you can post a Halloween-decorated office in October while highlighting your winter maintenance services. 
  • Social media lets you show how much you appreciate your local community. A locally based marketing strategy is another opportunity to connect with other companies or organizations.
  • Building up your social media presence organically or using paid advertising is cost-effective. 

Is There a Social Media Platform I Should Use the Most?

During your strategy session, we’ll get to know your business to see what platforms you should target with your social media strategy. We can market your business on:

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Instagram and Facebook remain the top platforms that HVAC companies use for connecting with customers, while Twitter exists more so as a formality. LinkedIn is useful for targeting new commercial clients, and lastly, we can upload YouTube videos showcasing your past projects or your team to draw in more potential customers.

Every company is different, and our team analyzes your current metrics and needs to determine what social media platforms you should prioritize.

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